Puntland Police Launches Automated Criminal Records System

The Puntland Police Force updated its manual criminal records system replacing the colonial era approach with an automated criminal database system that will collect criminal information including biometric data collection and compilation of criminals and population movement tracking.

Outgoing Nugal regional police commander, Col. Mumin Abdi Shire outsourced the automation of the police criminal records system to Daludug Security Solutions DSS, who developed the system jointly in consultation with regional police officers and the crime department.

This new automated criminal records system, designed and developed by Daludug Security Solutions of Puntland, enables the Puntland Police Force to capture all crime related data at the Garowe central police station .

The biometric data management will also allow storage of critical information, including suspect’s fingerprints, photo, case file and any historical crimes committed by the suspects.

“Now that we have the bio-data, the report that will be generated will help in terms of identifying criminals, dissuading police corruption while identifying crime hot spots in the state’s capital,” outgoing Nugal region police commander, Colonel Mumin explained.

The process of modernizing and automating crime records began in 19, October,2019 and has been introduced at Garowe central police station. It is planned that the new system will be introduced across all police stations in FMS Puntland.

“I would like first to thank the innovative company, Daludug Security Solutions for developing the system and training the police personnel, and Colonel Mumin for his commitment and initiative. It is much needed for the improvement of our state’s security and I urge the introduction of this biometric system at all police stations, points of entry and at check points across Puntland,” Puntland’s Vice Minister for Security H.E Abdullahi Abdisalaam Hassan said.

It was agreed that scaling up the system and training on biometric data systems will be extended to regional police stations across Puntland State.