Prof Faisal Roble : – Farmajo’s Villa Somalia is an enemy of Somalia’s stability.

Coping with Somalia’s embryonic autocratic Rule

A devaststing slap has been dealt with in the face of the farcical embryonic autocratic administration. Per the UN testimony to the General Assembly of the UN on March 24, 2020, Farmajo’s Villa Somalia is an enemy of Somalia’s stability.

Instead of fighting terror groups, the Somali Federal Government’s infantile disorder created a condition of conflict and war in a peaceful region of Jubbaland.

Not only did it create, promote, and intentionally sabotage peace and stability in Jubbaland, but it has also erroneously provoked leaders of Mogadishu which prompted that community to withdraw its confidence from the administration. Both Puntland and the administration of Somaliland are also at loggerheads with Farmajo.

One wonders, therefore, whether donors and UN (International Community – the sole sustainor of Villa Somalia) will be forced to deal with Federal Memeber States on their own rights since it is well understood that Villa Somalia is undermining willy nilly the little stability thus far attained at a very high cost. If the Internatiinal Community remains oblivious to the deteriorating situation in Somalia, Federal Memeber States should chart their own stability course even if that involves an action that completely but temporarily closes doors to Villa Somalia. Even Somaoialnd that was the most stable region in the entire Horn of Africa region did not escape from Farmajo’s invisible hand of destabilizarion.

Worse, he attempted to undo Puntland. And that is why Somalis are closely watching and eagerly waiting the outcome of the upcoming consultation convention that will take place in Garowe, Puntland state of Somalia, in mid-March.

When coping with how to survive in Farmajo’s era, Federal Memebr States as well as Somaliland must remember that one year is an [enough] short time to survive; yes to survive without the shenanigans of Villa Somalia and rebuke the destructive and embryonic autocratic rule of Farmajo.