Prof Faisal Robleh : – President Farmajo’s hypocracy has a long-term damage to the nation of Somalia, particularly to the young.

Damaging the Political psych of the Young

President Farmajo’s hypocracy has a long-term damage to the nation of Somalia, particularly to the young.

As most of you recall, Farmajo came to the office of the presidency by promoting patriotic agenda and criticizing his predecessors on their lineancy towards Ethiopia’s long term goals. He promised to the nation that he will reinstate Somali patriotic values. He hoisted the picture of Presidents Aden Osman and Abdirasid Sharmarke, and Prime Minister Abdirazak Haji Hussein on the walls of his office. He ideolized President Aden in partucular.

And I my say that was perfect. But his actions are different, shocking and may completely damage the psychology of future generations to come.

Let us quickly take a stock of some of his actions that confuse the clean-hearted Somali youth:

1. He handed over a Somali war hero to Ethiopia and called him a terrorist – The Qalbidhagx case. Qalbi Dhagax was held in a room next to the Somali Prime Minister’s office and a stone’s throw away from that of the President – in Villa Somalia.

2. Farmajo promised to Ethiopia full access to Somali ports whenever Ethiopia wants to use.

3. He flooded Somalia’s border region’s with Ethiopian military personnel.

4. He used Ethiopian soldiers to kill Somali voters in Baidoa and stole the election of that region’s President.

5. He terrorised and intimidated residents of Dusaamareeb by amassing Ethiopian fadno Darash (rapid deployment units) only to have his way with the election of that region’s President.

6. He brought into Mogadishu about 600-700 security personnel and spy agents from Ethiopia who closely work with NISA.

7. The vidoe bellow features Gedo region personnel taking orders from Ethiopian military officers. In it, the Ethiopian colonel strictly gives young Somali soldiers orders as to how to conduct their job. In the end, the Ethiopian colonel says “we are one and we have one common goal.”

I feel so sad for the young who was shown a light then subjected to this. Farmajo’s damage goes deep into the political psychology of Somalinimo. It has a long term damage. Some may even think that Somalinimo is a jock and a commodity to be played with as Faramjo and his team memebrs are doing.