Dr.Faysal Roble : – Farmajo’s Scheme, Fleecing Somalia Twice is not Acceptible

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President Farmajo has fleeced Somalia for the past three and a half years by destroying the federal structure: he has used foreign forces to install puppet administration in Southwest; he introduced instability in Puntland, he placed a flight blockade in Jubbaland as well as weaken its local administration by cutting off Gedo from the rest of that state; worse, he completely destroyed the fledgling governing system of Galmudug.

As a result, the collaboration between the Federal government and member states is for all practical purposes DEAD! Clan conflicts are either flaring up or are simmering not by accident but by governmental design.

Also, big promises are broken. The timetable for an election based on one-person one-vote remains a pipedream. There is also no clear path to get to a parliamentary or presidential elections come 2021. More painful is that the security sector has bulked and Al-shabab has grown bolder and braver since Farmajo started fleecing Somalia. Unavoidable reality is that the line dividing between Alshabab and NISA under Fahad has been blared.

As if that was not enough insult to this nation, Farmajo and his fawners are scheming for fleecing 2.0 of Somalia – a one year extension!

Hell, no! Extension to do what? If he failed for four years, what is the juice left in him that he would squeeze for us and do great work in one year.

Rather instead, with the help of international community, federal member states, opposition groups and leading intellectuals, there must be a concerted effort to begin designing a transitional government and run the country in an ad hoc basis for a limited period. Just say no to more fleecing.

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