Farmaajo : High Misdemeanors and Treason

By : Faisal Roble

It only happens in Somalia where a President destabilizes his own country by inviting foreign troops against a legal federal member state. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is using non-AMISOM Ethiopian soldiers to cut Gedo region from the rest of Jubbaland, or at least make it ungovernable. This is a short vision.

He is doing so because of a political disagreement with President Ahmed Islan. He is utilizing clan politics to create instability in Gedo region, which is a stronghold of the President’s clan.

President Farmajo’s act is both a violation of the Federal constitution and a treason by a sitting president. The constitution bars him from arbitrarily creating a region outside the six regions so far establised by the constitutional process.

If and when Farmajo vacates office, he and his leadership team could possibly be tried for crimes of high misdemeanors and treason by the next administration.

Today, Somalia’s fledgling opposition forces called for the immediate withdrawal of all non-AMISOM soldiers out of Somalia, with the full knowledge that Ethiopian troops are particularly in Gedo by an executive permit from Villa Somalia.

No Somali leader has ever been tried for [national] crimes since 1990. The only ones who have ever faced any courts of justice happened outside Somalia (in the West). This is to say Somalis are not yet willing to use law and order. Clan rules always cover up crimes committed against the nation and against humanity.

Farmajo is betting on being protected by the same practice that had protected his predecessors. He believes that nothing would happen to him or his leadership despite crimes that they commit. However, I have a sneaking sense/suspicion things may be different this time around.

Ain’t this a bitch?

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