Aqoonyahan Faisal Roble : – President Deni could bring charges against the mastermind of this crime. ( the chairman of the parliament and about 12 parliamentarians) “gang of twelf “

Since the transfer of power from former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud to Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Somalia has effectively slided back to a more disartuculated affairs of state. We are in a new quagmire.

Batching up the nation will take a herculean effort. It would require a new leadership or Somalia will descend more to the abyss.

The state of Galmudg is no longer a functional state. Ahlusuna malitia may clash with a newly amassed troops from Mogadishu. President Farmajo has destroyed that region’s state without a replacement.

Its neighbouring state to the south, Hirshabelle, is immobilized by its mercurial president whose authority to rule is in turn nullified by Villa Somalia. Neither did the recently devastating flooding of the Shabelle river help. President Ware in a press conference that he has shared with president Farmajo accused Ethiopia of intentionally flooding his state. If so, Prime Minister Abiy can be charged for crimes against humanity.

Whether the Farmajo government will take these charges to the International Criminal Court remains to be seen. If President Ware, however, fabricated these charges in cahoots with president Farmajo, to cover up Ethiopia’s intent to re-invade Jubbaland via Gedo region, then international instruments that regulate actions against state probagand will be applied to Somalia.

More than any other crime that Villa Somalia committed thus far is its covert action to destabilize both Jubbaland and Puntland.

In the case of Puntland, months of behind-the-scene sabotaging of president Deni bore fruit on the eve of November 7, 2019. For the first time in history of that state, gunshots took place in the compound of the parliament. Six people are reported to have died. This reactionary action took place while the Swedish Ambassador was visiting Garowe.

Troops amassed at the gates of the parliament on the order of the chairman of the parliament clashed with the regular army of Puntland.

It is no secret that the chairman of the parliament and about 12 parliamentarians, to label them here the “gang of twelf” have been scheming. The “gang of twelf” stand loyal to Villa Somalia more than to either Puntland or Somalia’s welbeing.

How should president Deni handle this development?

After careful investigation, he could bring charges against the mastermind of this crime. According to the Puntland constitution, Article 54, section 6, the President is solely responsible for the security and wellbeing of the State. Also, Article 45 is a potential source for removing those in the parliament who have been found to sabotage the state of Puntland. The constitutional court can and possibly should indict whoever assembled unauthorized troops in the parliament.

Delay is death and Puntland must move quickly to stamp out this crisis.

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