Your Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe, President of Jubaland,
Distinguished representatives of the Federal Government of Somalia,

Leaders from other Federal Member States,
Excellences, Members of the diplomatic and international Institutions accredited to the Federal Republic of Somalia,

Invited Guests,

1. It gives me great pleasure and honour to stand here on behalf of the president and the people of the Republic of Kenya on this historic occasion of the inauguration of H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe to serve a second term as the President of Jubaland regional State. Through you, Excellency, we wish to convey warm greetings and congratulations to the President of the Federal Government and he people of Somalia for the great on-going project of building a strong and secure Federal State.

Your Excellency,

2. on behalf of the President and the people of the Republic of Kenya, I convey hearty congratulations on your election as president of Jubaland. On the same breath, I commend the people of Jubaland for demonstrating democratic maturity by participating in the electoral process in a peaceful manner.

3. Your Excellency’s election is a clear affirmation of the great trust and confidence that the people of Jubaland have in you to lead them to a bright, 2
peaceful and prosperous future. We in Kenya draw great inspiration and confidence in the electoral process which has given traction to the Federal State and building project which surely must be the dream of every Somali citizen. Kenya aspires to support the dreams of the Somali people in the efforts to entrench a vibrant democratic system which abides by a rules based ethos to enable it to navigate the choppy waters of international relations.

4. Jubaland has been a buffer for the whole of East Africa and we congratulate Your Excellency for being at the forefront in the fight against terrorism. Kenya and Jubaland have a special relationship of being immediate neighbors. In this regard, the Government of Kenya and the Jubaland administration have had to work closely together over the years in addressing common security challenges especially those paused by Al-Shabaab. We will continue to work closely, of course together the Federal Government not only to forge a formidable strong front against the menace of terrorism, but also in state building efforts.

5. May I commend the Jubaland Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (JIEBC) for successfully conducting the elections notwithstanding the challenges it faced in the process. We also thank the Federal Government of Somalia and the international partners for supporting the Commission through the entire journey which was not easy.

6. I salute all the candidates that vied for the Presidency for demonstrating leadership by expressing interest and participating in the election in a peaceful manner. I call upon Your Excellency and all these great leaders to now close ranks and work together in improving the livelihoods of the people of Jubaland. The eyes of the people of this regional State are on all of you to work together to deliver their dream for a better tomorrow.

7. Finally, I commend the Federal Government and the people of Somalia for the progress that has been made in the consolidation of democratic values across the country. We support the quest for close ties between the Federal Government and the Federal States as prescribed by law as this would guarantee a coordinated and responsive governance system in the interest of the entire nation.

8. In conclusion, I wish to reassure the entire people of Somalia that Kenya will remain a faithful friend and partner not only on issues of security but also on matters to do with social-economic development. Once again, we congratulate Your Excellency and look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with your administration.