By Ismail Warsame

The stalemate on KISMAYO is affront to rationale and human imagination. Here, you have a part of the country on blockade by the national government for political reasons. To do that, the only repressive tool available to N&N Regime is the recently transferred control of Somali Aviation and air space . Now, think what they could have done against Jubaland or any other Federal Member State, given more tools like stronger security forces and naval power at its disposal. Won’t it be the most repressive regime on earth? This is the most important reason why N&N guys can’t be trusted with power.

Do you remember what had happened in Baydhaba with the ousting of Southwest State leader a half year ago? We aren’t defending or advocating for Sharif Hassan here, but, the way he was removed or compelled to leave office, and other presidential candidates got arbitrarily arrested, was a wake-up call for all those, who love freedom and civil liberties.

What is the core of the problem in KISMAYO political conundrum?

It is nothing other than the confrontation and conflict between two outlaws: the Federal Government in gross violation of all laws of the land and Ahmed Madoobe, who keeps grabbing power in Jubaland. This is also a political follow-out from August 2019 contraversial Jubaland Election, in which many believe that Ahmed Madoobe had managed to outmatch and outmanouever all other parties, including the FGS, while sheltering under the security protection of the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) as part of AMISOM in Kismayo and support of influencial Kenyan-Somali politicians with Kenyan Government. This made N&N Political Faction mad and irrational.

And with Kenya claiming a portion of Somalia’s Indian Ocean waters, Jubaland issue is dangerously becoming more complicated by the day.

How to resolve this conflict?

Talks between all stakeholders within Jubaland and between FGS and all FMS is the way to go. The IC and IGAD member states should facilitate these dialogues. You can’t play Proverbial Ostrich with this dangerous situation.

It is also imperative to review the entire worsing relationships and cooperation between FGS and FMS with a critical eye to constitutional prerogatives of each