President Farmaajo Appointed a Secret Committee to Destabilize and Punish Jubbaland

A strong sense of confusion and panic has gripped Villa Somalia following the re- reelection of Ahmed Mohamed Islam as the President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia on 22 August 2019. President Farmaajo’s sees in Jubbaland something he does not see elsewhere in Somalia. He believed that his political fate and fortunes were inseparably linked with the outcome of the Jubbaland election. He has therefore devoted all the resources and political cards at his disposal to block the re- election of Ahmed Islam, with a view to replacing him with his own man just like he did with the elections in Southwest in December last year.

However, all did not turn out well for him. He badly lost in the political market place. He embarrassed his most important regional ally by putting a great deal of pressure on it in the most awkward situation imaginable. He went berserk with a personal fit and manufactured grudge against Kenya. The rage afflicting President Farmaajo is so mighty and so mindless, he even approached Al-Shabaab inviting the terrorists to join his crusade against Jubbaland. It is important to mention here that the Mogadishu-based Federal Government and the terrorist group, Al-Shabab, are organically linked.

And having exhausted all options that seemed reasonable to him, President Farmaajo seems to have gone ballistic, lashing out at the people of Jubbaland. Unable to accept the outcome of the election in Jubbaland and get over it gracefully, President Farmaajo turned to primordial petulance and meanness. He decided to settle old scores and punish the people of Jubbaland for the sin of electing his political nemesis.

According to credible sources close to Villa Somalia, President Farmaajo appointed a secret committee to spearhead his new and blatantly sinister campaign against the people of Jubbaland. The Committee was established before the Jubbaland elections, and is reportedly headed by the Deputy Prime Minister. Other members include:
1. Mahdi Mohamed Gulaid, Deputy Prime Minister, (Chairman)
2. Fahad Yasin, Director, National Intelligence & Security Agency (NISA)
3. Gamal Mohamed Hassan, Minister of Planning & International Cooperation.
4. Mohamed Dahir Hayir, Minister of Information
5. Mohamed Abdullahi Salad Omar, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation.
6. Abukar Dahir Osman, Permanent Representative to the UN
7. Mohamoud Ahmed Nur (Tarzan), Somali Ambassador to Kenya.

This Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of executing Farmaajo’s dirty war against Jubbaland, using all the resources and instruments of the Somali State and Federal Government. The Committee has already executed two hatchet jobs: 1) nullification of the elections in Jubbaland, and 2) Air-blockade of Jubbaland. The Deputy Prime Minister has coordinated these illegal and unconstitutional actions. And many more are expected.

Cleansing the Ogaden clan from Jubbaland
Obviously, Farmaajo has used the Somali state and its good offices to promote the partisan interests of his Marehan clan. This is a Marahen agenda authored by Siad Barre to alter the territorial and demographic landscape of Jubbaland in favor of his clan. The clan to be cleansed is the Ogaden whose history and struggles in Jubbaland are well documented. Farmaajo has marked an entire clan for liquidation. This is exactly what his uncle did when he tried to destroy the Majeertayn and Isaaq clans when they opposed his tribal chauvinism and his tyrannical regime.
The people of Jubbaland will weigh all options available to them to defend their rights and dignity. Siad Barre had destroyed the Somali state. Farmaajo, another Marehan is hell-bent on destroying the Somali nation.
To the political hacks that chose to implement Farmaajo’s dirty war on Jubbaland, there is no place for you to hide. The cost of the mercenary path you have chosen will be heavy and bitter.

To the international community, stay clear of Farmaajo’s clan cleansing project. The disintegration of Somalia began when dictator Said Barre used and abused the Somali state to wage war on rival clans. Today Farmaajo, a protégée of the late dictator, has declared war on the Ogaden clan to advance the interests of his Marehan clan. It is not right and it is not fair to allow international aid and humanitarian assistance to be deployed in a sinister clan cleansing exercise.
Patriots of Jubbaland (PJ) 29 August 2019