(Opinion) People’s judgment on the new Cabinet- Puntland

Feb 10, 2019, The President of Puntland who was elected into office 8th January appointed his 48 cabinet members. One full female minister was included in the cabinet who will lead the state’s ministry of women.

Mr Deni pledged during his election campaign and in presidency many assurances regarding good governance heightening, fraud and corruption abolishment and the unemployment reduction. Departed presidents rhetorically promised such assurances and lack putting into practice. However, not a soul can certainly foretell the performance of Deni’s administration.

Before the announcement of the cabinet which roughly took 33 days. The commune has been whispering that the president is busy for picking the capable ministers, while other portion of the society described President as messy person who lacks decision capabilities whereas part of the people alleged that the president has a link with political and religious groups, who have involved and visibly endorsed his election. Whose aim to gain high-ranking seats in return. Premature appearance of Corruption, nepotism and favoritism are the major concerns of the civilians.

The newly emerged cabinet officially takes the oath of office on Tuesday at the Puntland Presidential palace in Garowe without getting the approval of the Parliament. Many interpreted this, that president enjoys high certainty on their approval. In addition, it is first time Puntland cabinet takes an oath before an approval.

Finally, The President unveiled his new cabinet, the most numerous cabinet ever Puntland experience. A new ministry have been shaped and several ministries have vanished to main ministries.

Youth members emerged from the cabinet, fresh Politicians appeared and the women have not gained their 30% quota in the political commission. The clan which female hails from and the traditional elders are the major hurdles of women’s effective participation in the politics.

Henceforth, Puntlanders voiced heterogeneously about the newly unveiled cabinet. Number of people applauded on the appointment although on the other side, percentage objected on present unveil. People are concerned specific individuals who have appeared on the administration who had corruption and nepotism background. Moreover, if this is authentic this ought to have a dark point on Deni’s government. Anyhow, the new cabinet are impended to approve on the coming days. Perhaps, this fresh government faces economic, security and administration setbacks.

 Written by  Mohamed Aidarus.